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We are active across our social media
platforms, spreading the word about the
work we do and the global and regional
issues which need our attention most.

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What We Do:

Our focus is sustainability, and this
is reflected in our various business
ventures, projects and other activities
from Barbados to Belize.

HE&W Group member companies offer
a wide range of knowledge-, service-
and product-based solutions to clients
and customers across 11 focus areas.

Belize Welcomes HE&W Consulting

HE&W Consulting, one of our leading
companies, has opened its offices in
Belize. We are working with clients
and partners to make a lasting,
positive impact on the sustainable
​development of the ​country.

Featured News:

HE&W Group is a Caribbean-based family
​of companies operating in multiple
markets across the sustainability sector.
Through our member companies, we are
implementing those projects which will
safeguard the future of our corner of the
​world. Our vision is of a sustainable, resilient and prosperous Caribbean, and
​we are determined ​to see it through.


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HE&W Group |    People | Environment | Together.                                          

HE&W Group |The leading family of companies in the Caribbean sustainability sector.