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Preparing for the Future, Today

We are keenly interested in developing
and implementing solutions which pre-
empt environmental and hydrological
system changes associated with climate
change and urbanisation. Through
conscientious planning and the use
of probabilistic modelling techniques,
we aim to help the people of the region adapt to ​a changing environment and 

Protecting People, Property
​and the Environment

Our region has a uniquely high
vulnerability to hydrometeorological
and geological hazards and climate
change. We are working with our
clients and partners across the region
to build resilience to these phenomena
and play our part in enabling a
​sustainable Caribbean future.

Capacity Building

Our job is not done until we have
passed our knowledge and passion
for the environment onto our clients
and ​the communities in which we
work. We believe in capacity
building, and use every opportunity
not just to share what we know,
​​​but to learn from others.

Education and Outreach

Widespread public involvement
is perhaps the most critical
component of ensuring sustainable
development works. For this reason,
we are committed to sharing our
knowledge with communities,
schools, businesses and public
sector bodies across ​​the region.

Company Brochure

You can download an electronic
version of our company brochure
below. Get in touch if you need
more information about our
services or areas of expertise.​

Areas of Expertise

We draw from more than
one hundred years' combined
experience across 
9 focus
, each one integral to the overall sustainable development of our corner of the world. You can learn more about our areas of expertise by clicking the button below.

Our Mission

We exist to enhance Caribbean
societies and economies, 
our vulnerable communities and
infrastructure, and 
our environment and natural
resources. This aim is 
through the consistent application
of best ​practices
on all our
projects, and the development
of novel solutions 
which are fit
​for the Caribbean context


We are proud members of
HE&W Group, the leading
family of companies in the
Caribbean sustainability
. This gives us access to
a quickly expanding network

​of professionals, member
companies, partners, brand suppliers, software ​developers,
and more.

About Us

HE&W is the Caribbean's leading multi-
disciplinary environment and water sector
consultancy. ​We are the regional authority
on sustainable development, ​and we are
​here to serve you!

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HE&W Consulting is a member of the HE&W Group, the leading family of companies in the Caribbean sustainability sector.