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Our Approach

We build our educational services
on robust and reliable industry
research, and design each work
package around the
gaps in
knowledge we aim to fill
Whether seminar delivery, course
development or public awareness
campaign design, we work closely
with our clients to
and respond
effectively to our
intended audiences' needs.

How We Help

Our team of consultants includes
professionals with teaching
experience at the secondary,
undergraduate, post-graduate
and professional levels. By
drawing on this reservoir of
knowledge-sharing experience,
we are able to deliver 
programmes and materials
a range of applications, and to
enlighten and ​empower our

Our Challenge

Knowledge of the environment
and water sector challenges we
face is necessary in order for
our responses to be maximally
effective. Sustainable
requires an all
hands on deck
​ approach
, ​and
such an approach demands that
people of all stripes have
reliable, accurate and up-to-date data and information on
​the ​world around us

Educational Services

Sharing our knowledge and experience
to ​build regional capacity...

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Educational Services:

Workshops and Seminars

• Workshop and seminar development
• Workshop and seminar facilitation
• Activity development

Technical Training

• Project management
• Hydraulic/hydrologic modelling
• Climate modelling
• Geographical Information Systems
• Multi-hazard resilient design

Public Education and Awareness

We develop and design public education
and awareness campaigns and associated
materials focused on:

• Environmental conservation
• Water conservation
• Energy conservation
• Climate change awareness and adaptation
• Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
• Community-based DRR
• Gender mainstreaming in DRR
• Disaster preparedness and response
• Waste management and recycling

Course Development and Delivery

• Course and curriculum review
• Course and curriculum development
• Lecture production
• Guest lecturing and tutoring

Educational Materials

• Electronic and paper-based
• Books, posters, flyers, brochures


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educational services, email:



HE&W Consulting is a member of the HE&W Group, the leading family of companies in the Caribbean sustainability sector.