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Our Approach

Our approach to engineering
design is underpinned by a
consideration of how 
affect the long-term
durability and sustainability of
infrastructure. This is achieved
by incorporating climate, hydrologic, hydraulic, structural,
geotechnical and coastal process modelling into the design process, ​and using model outputs to
support decision-making.

How We Help

Our team not only includes experienced design engineers, but also consultants who apply the models which ensure our designs are ready for the real- world environment. Through our systematic and integrated approach, we are helping our clients to build resilient infrastructure and create​ ​sustainable environments in every corner of the region.

Our Challenge

As the region continues to
develop, we must ensure our
infrastructure is designed with
long-term resilience in mind.
storm surge, flash
, or hurricane force
, our homes, schools,
roads and ports must be able to
stand the test of a changing
​environment and climate

Engineering Design

Applying best practices to engineer
a ​sustainable Caribbean future​...

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Engineering Design ​Services:

Hydraulic and Drainage

• Drainage networks
• Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)
• Flood control and flood defence design
• River training

Coastal and Marine

• Marinas, piers and jetties
• Revetments and bulkheads
• Breakwaters and groines
• Seawalls and storm surge barriers
• Coastal outfalls
• Coastal bridges
• Offshore installations


• Highways, roads and bridges
• Air and sea ports

Water Resources

• Water treatment facilities
• Water distribution networks
• Dams and reservoirs
• Pumping stations
• Irrigation systems
• Stormwater harvesting infrastructure

Environmental and Sanitary

• Wastewater infrastructure
• Wastewater reuse systems
• Solid waste processing facilities


• Multi-hazard resilient design
• Residential, commercial, institutional


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HE&W Consulting is a member of the HE&W Group, the leading family of companies in the Caribbean sustainability sector.