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We routinely team up with
leading players in our field
​across the region and globe,
allowing us to more
meet our clients' needs
Our trusted partners include:
consulting firms, contractors,
research bodies, 
​organisations, and more


We are members of the leading
regional and international professional
organisations in our field, allowing
us to keep abreast of the latest
developments, and to share our
findings and project successes
​with the world!


We serve a wide range of clientele
across the Caribbean; from public
​and private sector organisations to
developers and home owners. Our
adaptability and diverse skillset are
exemplified by a long list of client
categories whom we are passionate
​about serving.

Our Team

Our team of business leaders
and experts is 
and is quickly growing across
the Caribbean. In all of our areas
of expertise, we are leading the
region in 
technical innovation, project execution and research.
We look forward to putting our
expertise to work for you, soon


Whether engineering design,
hazard risk reduction or
environmental monitoring,
we are here to serve you.
What's more, our project teams
​consistently incorporate capacity
building into the work we do
ensuring it is effective beyond
the short term.


We offer leading technical and
services in each
of our areas of expertise—all delivered with long-term climate
and ​hazard resilience in mind. Through our work, we are helping the region to meet the needs of
​a changing environment, climate and global economy.

Expertise and

We draw from more than
one hundred years' combined
9 areas of
. Whatever the
challenge, however big or
small, we are here to
contribute to the successful
your project.

Company Overview

HE&W Consulting is a multi-
disciplinary environment and
water sector consultancy
offering technical and non-
technical services to 
across the Caribbean. We are
the regional authority on
sustainable development, and
we are here ​to serve 

Work We Do

We recognise that our part of the
world is uniquely vulnerable to
natural hazards and the effects of
climate change. Day in and day out,
our team is focused on solving those environment and water sector challenges which ​need our attention most.


At a Glance
By Location
By Area of Expertise
By Clientele


HE&W Consulting is a member of the HE&W Group, the leading family of companies in the Caribbean sustainability sector.