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Administrative and
Support Staff

None of the work we do would
be possible without our team
of dedicated administrative and
support ​staff. They are the
perfect complement to our
business ​leaders and technical

Walking the Walk

In keeping with our corporate culture
and values, our teams are working to
implement sustainable practices across
all of our regional offices. Every day,
we are making a concerted effort
to reduce our use of energy, water,
paper and other ​resources.


Commitment to Team-

At HE&W Group, we call ourselves
a family of companies for a reason.
We are invested in each other's
professional and personal
development, and make every
effort to help each other to become
better people, professionals and stewards of the ​world around us.


The local knowledge and
expertise of our team of
consultants is
In all of our areas of interest
we are leading the region in
technical innovation, project
execution and research.
We look forward to putting our
​resources ​to work for you soon.


HE&W Consulting is led by a
team of regional and country
directors who share a 
for people and the environment,
and who are
grounded in the
various technical and non-
technical aspects of the work
we do.

Our Team

Right at the heart of everything we do
is our desire to contribute to sustainable
development in our corner of the world.
You can learn about the HE&W Consulting
​team below.

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HE&W Consulting is a member of the HE&W Group, the leading family of companies in the Caribbean sustainability sector. 



We believe in leadership by example.
For this reason, our regional and
country directors all play an active
role in the management and technical
execution of our projects​. This way,
we are better able to ensure that
our business development goals
remain in sync with our objectives
​on every assignment.