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Our Approach

Our project management
approach is built on industry-
leading best practices, decades
of experience and in-depth
knowledge of the work we do.
From inception to completion,
we work closely with our clients
respond effectively to the
of each project.

How We Help

Our team of consultants is
made up of experienced project
managers who are well versed in
technical and non-technical
of the work we do. ​To
ensure the success of every
project, we apply
tools and approaches
promote efficient communication and coordination from start to

Our Challenge

More and more, today's
environment and water sector
projects are adopting an holistic
approach, requiring the
integration of people and ideas
across countries, organisations
and disciplines. The challenge
of coordinating these efforts is
a complex one which calls for
the right mix of
 and sector-specific technical know-how.

Project Management

Applying best practices from project
inception ​to completion​...

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Project Management


• Project development
• Project appraisal
• Project feasibility study
• Preparation of terms of reference
• Preparation of tender documents
• Environmental impact assessment
• Environmental impact mitigation
• Climate risk assessment and mitigation

Project Execution

• Project stakeholder analysis
• Scope management
• Schedule management
• Cost management
• Procurement management
• Risk management
• Quality management
• Communication management
• Human resources management
• Change management
• Construction management
• Quality and cost audits
• Project status and progress reporting


• Project commissioning
• Transfer management

Other Services

• Project proposal review
• Project management supervision
• Project management training


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