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Our Approach

Our research and development
​work starts with recognising what
unique about our corner of
the world
and the environment
and water sector challenges we
face. Drawing from leading
research and practice around
the world, we apply those
methodologies which are
fit for
the regional context
, and which
will help to create a
and sustainable Caribbean

How We Help

Our team is made up of the
Caribbean's leading researchers
across our 9 areas of expertise.
Applying our best efforts, we
​work with clients and partners
further our collective
of the sustainable
development challenges we
face. Through our work, we
are developing the solutions
which will 
safeguard the future
of the ​region.

Our Challenge

The urban and rural landscape
of the Caribbean and the climate
affecting the region are
. Because of the nature
and rate of shifting trends in
climate, hazard risk, land use,
and urbanisation, there is an
urgent need for sector stakeholders to develop their understanding of the
 causes and potential impacts of these changes on the world around us.

Research and

Creating solutions today for the challenges
​​of tomorrow​...

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Research and Development
Focus Areas:

Climate Change Adaptation

• Climate modelling and model downscaling
• Scenarios development and adaptation
• Sea-level rise
• Impacts on coastal ecosystems
• Flood risk assessment and reduction

Flood Hydrology and Stormwater

• Deterministic flood modelling
• Early warning systems
• Drainage system optimisation
• Aquifer recharge

Water Resources

• Water demand modelling
• Water network optimisation
• Non-revenue water reduction
• Precipitation analysis and interpolation

Agriculture and Aquaculture

Crop and nutrient optimisation
• Water harvesting and reuse
• Aquaculture development

Water Harvesting and Reuse

• Demand and yield forecasting
• Stormwater and wastewater treatment
• Harvesting for potable reuse

Decision-Support Systems

• Development planning
• Catchment management
• Land use management
• Resource management


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