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HE&W Consulting is a member of the HE&W Group, the leading family of companies in the Caribbean sustainability sector. 


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Specialist Advisory

We give sound technical
and ​non-technical
​advice to clientele across the
region in all of our areas of
expertise; backed by years
​​of practical experience
innovative leadership
industry-leading research

Our Research-based

As a point of principle and passion,
our team of experts remains abreast
of the latest developments in our
field. Through our commitment to
research, we are able to apply
leading best practice approaches
to the design of solutions for you.

Our Project Management

We are certified to the Project Management Professional (PMP)
level with the Project Management
Institute (PMI), and are well equipped
to bring your project goals to fruition
on time ​and to budget.

Research and Development

Our research and development
work helps us to 
what is unique
 about the
environment and water sector
challenges we face in the
Caribbean, and to 
innovate, develop and implement
fit-for-purpose solutions.

Educational ​​Services

Knowledge sharing is an integral
part of what we do. Through
the design and execution of
workshopsseminars and
public education campaigns,
we are building regional capacity
to meet today's environment and
water sector challenges.

Project Management

Quality, time and cost are
the three words which guide
our project management
work at HE&W Consulting.
We consistently apply industry-
leading best practices to
ensure a 
seamless process
from project inception to

Technical Consulting

Whether environmental impact
, urban planning
or coastal flood modelling, our
technical consulting services help
us to create safer and more
sustainable environments
communities across the region.

Engineering Design

We carry out the detailed civil
, coastalhydraulic
environmental engineering
design of infrastructure ​of all
types. ​What's more, we
consistently incorporate climate
and hazard resilience into our
designs to ensure longevity
​of use.

Our Services

Our services are designed to meet the
diverse needs of the Caribbean environment
and water sector. Browse the ​links below to
learn about how we can help you to achieve
​your project goals.

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Analysis and Modelling

We make use of industry-leading
analytical and modelling tools to
test our engineering designs and
​other solutions. In this way, we are
able to better understand and predict
​their performance in the real-world