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How We Help

Our training, research and
experience have afforded us
knowledge base that is
. Over time,
we have ​distilled this resource
robust decision-support
 for sustainable
environment and ​water ​sector
management. Day in and day
out, we apply these tools to help
our clients solve their toughest
challenges in the sector.

Specialist Advisory

Working with stakeholders to support
sound decision making​...

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Specialist Advisory Services:

Clients We Serve:

• Government departments
• Funding and advocacy agencies
• Non-governmental organisations
• Community-based organisations
• Public utilities, authorities and regulators
• Engineering consultants and contractors
• Architects and landscape architects
• Urban and rural planners
• Developers and homeowners

Work We Do:

Specialist advice and decision support in
each of our
areas of expertise.

GreenPrint Initiative consulting in:
• Emissions reduction
• Recycling and waste management
• Renewable energy and energy efficiency
​• Environmental conservation

BluePrint Initiative consulting in:
• Water conservation
• Water harvesting and reuse
• Stormwater management
• Water quality management

Review and independent assessment of:
• Technical designs, maps and plans
• Environmental Impact Assessments
• Environmental policies and plans
• Technical proposals and reports

Inspection of:
• Drainage and flood defence infrastructure
• Emergency shelters and infrastructure
• Residential and commercial infrastructure


Get In Touch:

To request or enquire about our
specialist advisory services, email:



HE&W Consulting is a member of the HE&W Group, the leading family of companies in the Caribbean sustainability sector. 



At a Glance
By Location
By Area of Expertise
By Clientele

Our Approach

We work closely with decision-
makers across the environment
and water sector,
applying best-
practice tools and approaches
to support sound decision-making. Our first objective is always to understand the unique requirements of each assignment,
then to put our knowledge and
experience to work to create
solutions with long-term
​sustainability in mind

Our Challenge

Every day, stakeholders across
the environment and water sector are faced with decisions which
impact the world around them in
big ways. Naturally, these
decisions are multi-faceted
and complex, and
rely on the
support and advice
of industry
professionals with the right mix
theoretical know-how and
hands-on experience.